Where to find the truck
And... We are available for private events!

We are hunkered down for the winter but we will see you in the spring!

Remember you can book the truck for corporate or private events at your location!

We will see you at Bluestone Vineyard's Toast the Weekend all season long!


Mama’s Caboose is one of the first food trucks established in the Harrisonburg and Staunton area.

Why Mama? Everyone loves his mama…and she is a superwoman. She can make the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich or be the hostess of a spectacular cocktail party. Mom can do things no one else can…mom makes you happy.

Why Caboose? Everyone has a train memory. Remembering waiting for the train to pass and then the ultimate joy when the man in the caboose would wave and blow the whistle. Yay!! It’s the caboose…

You can find us at many of the most popular festivals and events in the local area. Mama’s Caboose is also available to cater to you! Corporate events are our speciality but make having a party a breeze! We can cook anything, anywhere!