About Us


Mama's Caboose had been a dream for a long, long time. I first spoke of it about 6 years ago while at the beach. I said that one day I would move to an island and sell "Pittsburgh" food on the beach. I would have tracks coming out of the water and have a truck that looks like a caboose. I would serve what I felt like cooking that day…that way you don’t have to make a decision…after all, you are on vacation. If you don’t want it…don’t eat it.

So after some interesting experiences and profound occurrences…Here it is Mama's Caboose…It took 8 months to develop, design, get financed and come to fruition. The original business plan has been tweaked just a little and the verdict is in:

I want to serve food to people who understand the importance of “Breaking Bread”. Where you eat together as a celebration of the gift of life and importance of positive relationships with people from all walks of life. I want to be able to serve food that makes people smile. Food that brings back a memory of a dish served by grandma or something you had on vacation…the BEST thing you ever ate! Most people who have an appreciation for food have that connection with stimulating all of the senses. I'm not talking about just the taste and texture of the meal, but if there is music or art or is it paired with a great wine or just a nice glass of lemonade…the experience is exponential! 

When I think of my business, I wanted it to depict all the good things in life.
Why Mama? Everyone loves his mama…and mama is a superwoman. She can make plain and simple peanut butter and jelly or entertain at a cocktail party or host a holiday dinner. Mom can do things no one else can…mom makes you happy. Why Caboose? Everyone has a train memory. For me it is remembering waiting for the coal train to pass and then the ultimate joy when the man in the caboose would wave and blow the whistle. Yea!! It’s the caboose!

What kind of food? The food should be of high quality but not highly pretentious. My heritage is that of Eastern Europe. I am a 2nd generation American. My grandparents came to America as children at the turn of the century. They had 8 children and I in-turn have 20 cousins. My ancestors came here for a better life for future generations…and I will NOT let them down. We always had big family gatherings and food was the centerpiece. It was more than nutrition; there was a passion for “good” food. We would go to church picnics where Tamberitzens played music and the ladies made polichinki, and halushki, bacala and nothing like roasted lamb that was done in a smokehouse. The men would drink whisky, tell stories and cook the lamb all night. The best food ever! Why…Passion!

Growing up in Southwestern Pennsylvania in the early 70’s afforded me the opportunity to grow up a Steelers fan. That in and of itself has a persona…Steeler nation is all-inclusive. It’s about perfecting fundamentals, working hard, and most importantly, PASSION. There is a personal relationships built between everyone in that group. Rich, poor, black, white, old, young…it doesn’t matter everyone knows…everyone gets it. Where does the food come in? Hello…tailgating! I remember watching the games on TV and having a full house…again the best food ever…home made pasta, and breaded chicken. I remember Aunt Dorothy ‘s hands tossing fresh garden lettuce and tomatoes with salt and pepper, oil and vinegar, AND plenty of love.

I want to bring that back to those people who have had similar memories and introduce it to those who never experienced it. I want to target organizations or more importantly the people who are part of a group that have the same values as me. I want to make available a unique experience where you can be sure I will value every person. In my mind everyone should be treated as an individual yet treated equally. Thank you for reading this!